About me

A famous paranormal expert and a karmic healer, done PHD in spiritual healing and has gained expertise in the fields like karmic healing, past life healing, psychic healing, theta healing, Siddha healing, crystal ball gazing, kundalini healing and a lot more. I have been a paranormal expert, Reiki Grandmaster, Karmic Healer, Kundalini Master, Psychic healer, Tarot Card Reader & many more, providing a holistic approach towards clients to help them curb all their desires and eradicate the negativities in unique and worth experiencing process. Being in the field of spiritual healing for more than 12 years, achieved far excellence in the field of methodologies and practices. Received the honourable ‘Kohinoor Award from honourable minister Kalraj Misra on the Launch of Amarkosh divine. Also been a part of Amarkosha Divine Hindu calendar featuring top 12 famous astrologers of India. Through my passion and devotion in spiritual healing practices, I aim to pave the way towards enlightenment and elation. A registered medical practitioner - Done RMP (AM), BAMS (AM), and MD (AM) in alternative Medicine.


All kind of physical ailments.
Getting rid of Black Magic Energies.
All kind of mental and emotional issues
Past life clearance.
Clearing offices n homes.
Karma Clearance